Key Personnel: Scott Brainard | John Laufenberg | Andrea Bachman

Since 1989, Wetland Resources has served western Washington, establishing itself as a quality, comprehensive consulting firm known for providing honest, timely advice for projects that involve critical areas, fish, and wildlife. Tantamount to our success is our ability to create long-standing relationships with land-owners, government agencies, engineers, attorneys, developers, and land managers by working diligently to ensure that the best interests of all parties are met.

Our staff provides accurate advice and technical documentation with efficiencies of experience to complete projects on time and within established budgets. While we provide a full range of environmental services, some of our more popular services include:

  • Reconnaissance and feasibility studies
  • Wetland and ordinary high watermark delineation
  • Critical area studies
  • Wetland, stream and buffer mitigation and enhancement projects
  • Wetland, stream and riparian habitat creation and restoration
  • Fish and wildlife studies
  • Biological analysis and evaluation
  • Project management and permit acquisition

Our firm is largely founded in the identification, delineation, restoration, and creation of wetlands and streams. Our knowledgeable staff is also equipped to address any environmental challenges that may arise during the course of a project. Backed by a team of experienced professionals, including ecologists, fisheries biologists, marine biologists, wildlife scientists, and soil scientists, our consulting group is prepared to help land management and development interests, both public and private, meet their goals while averting conflict with regional and federal agencies.

Wetland Resources has a firm understanding of the requirements set forth by local, state and federal permitting authorities. As your partner, we can provide you with the necessary course of action to avoid or reduce any adverse impacts to protected species and/or the environment. Whether is a Critical Area Study, Mitigation Plan, Habitat Management Plan, or Biological Evaluation, we take pride in tailoring strategies that will be the most beneficial to you.